What exactly are we planning for?

Being very familiar with personal, private and public sector readiness plans, one see’s all manner of scenarios and counter measures being considered or deployed and it helps provide insights to what will and will not be available. It’s very important to note that a natural or man made disaster is still a disaster. Both may have unique characteristics and emotions may differ but the impact on you as well as the response from Government and associated agencies or utilities will be similar. One must also keep the emotional out of any plan and not waste time on politics or what could or should have been done. Power goes out, transport is down, massive flu outbreak, country wide economic crash due to a hack etc. you still need water, food, medicines ….
DO NOT forget the need for cash! During large scale events, cash and enough of it, can be a game changer for you and your family. You may not be paid, banks and credit card systems closed or not working, price gouging starts occurring etc.

Realistic examples:

Very minor three day event
1. Massive local power outage. Could be due to ice storm, bad software that triggers shutdown or terrorist attack. It can happen at plus 90 F or 25 below Celsius and at any time of the day. This is a good starting point for any preparations as it gives a person a three day event to plan for. This three day emergency fits with the typical Government plan on having three days/72 hours of essentials of water, food, medicines, light, heat or cooling etc. If you can get home, then your home preparedness plan should be fine. If stuck in the office or on the road with no fuel, then you must factor that in.

2. A Hurricane, flood or earthquake will be different from # 1 because it may mean you leaving your home. If your home has no roof, flooded or maybe no home left at all, you will not be able to stay and shelter in place. This means that all your essentials and the means to transport them, must be addressed. So for this scenario, you need to be able to have all the essentials ready in a grab and go backpack and always have enough fuel in your vehicle. Remember your pets!

One week event:

3. Same general issues as a three day event but with added grief of, food in the fridge and freezer going bad by day one or three. To compensate for spoiled or difficult to prepare food, you will need canned or dry goods and lots of extra water. Also, do your medicines need refrigeration or have medical equipment needing power to operate?

Two to four weeks:

4. In a state, province or nationwide crisis, you leap from minor or sever rioting to outright anarchy. The scope is key here. We have seen hurricanes hit a city but help arrives from nearby cities and advance warnings are issued, so while damaging, it is nothing when compared to an event that happens suddenly. Governments will lose control and almost be certain to invoke some form of Marshal Law or curfew. Having water in an apartment, city town home or suburban home is something few people consider or worry about, but must be factored into your plan/s. Then there is food, medicines, heat, self-defense etc. Will you turn away neighbors or nearby family when you only have a day’s worth of food left and how would you handle twenty of them at your door step?
Easy you say, you will have left for the cottage or that wilderness park sixty miles away and pitch a tent, but remember, you will not be the only one with that idea and who exactly will provide food to your family in a national park when there is three feet of snow? Does your cottage even have water, food and medicines for four weeks? Do you only have half a box of ammunition from last year’s hunting trip? Do you always have enough fuel in your car to get you to that well stocked safe location?

One month plus:

5. Here is where it becomes very hard for most people to appreciate the scope and to prepare both mentally as well as physically for such an event. If and it is not at all impossible, an event lasting one month or longer were to occur, it would be something very few of us has ever experienced. If the power system went down due to a solar flare, a terrorist attack on the food supply, the grid or hack of financial services, it could be disastrous.
Planning for a one month plus event isn’t all that difficult or expensive and is similar to planning for a two week event. You simply need more of everything and the need to factor in the impact of stress and those wishing to liberate you of your well stocked supplies. Medical supplies to treat burns, broken arms and infections will increasingly be important to have in your supplies. Do not forget the need for all prescribed and non prescribed medications.
In closing, the best thing you can do is to look at your plan honestly and start or continue your emergency preparations. Remember that all of the above applies to individuals and corporations. A company wishing to survive will need to take care of their personnel.

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