Vegas shooting incident:

Sad day for all but what are some things we can we learn from the tragedy.
While many people are not familiar with the sound of a gunshot, everyone knows where to look for the sound of a motorcycle making noise, a person yelling etc. We instinctively look in that direction and need to do the same for any strange noise we hear. Be aware of your surroundings AND what looks or sounds normal and what is not.

Depending on the situation, you may decide fleeing is your best option. Do you have a safe passage, are there any places to hide or get out of the direct path of a vehicle, shooter or even a second bomb blast. In many respects it’s not much different than playing a game of tag or hide and seek!

Think of where the sound is coming from, and any gaps in the firing or sound of an engine / when a person is reloading or when a vehicle is temporarily stuck or changing direction. It may be only five seconds but consider your next safe spot before you make the move. Move in short increments, zig zagging when possible and with some form of cover in mind.

Looking at some video clips, shows people running in the open when there were buildings and other forms of shelter nearby. It’s hard to think during a crisis but think we must, so gather every bit of strength you can and think out your exit strategy. In fact, this is something that we all need to do, when we enter any building, event or walking down a street. Do you need to become paranoid and fearful? Definitely not, just aware of what looks or sounds out of place. If something does occur, you may just remember that place of potential safety you just passed by. The more you practice looking around you, the more it will become second nature and less of a chore.

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