Traveling during Christmas or at any time.

We all know unpleasant or even dangerous events can suddenly occur and when traveling, you are at a great disadvantage. All your friends, family, doctors, coworkers, banks, pharmacies etc, can be more difficult or even impossible to reach. So what are your options when you are traveling by plane, train or car?
You always want to have the following and this would be my list by priority

1. Medicines. You brought one weeks’ worth of meds but event happens on second to last day or while in transit. Always have extra for another week or even two! Trying to obtain a prescription in some locations is a challenge on a good day, you do not want to be doing it during a power outage or during a civil crises of any nature. Do not forget Aspirin, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills…

2. Cash is always king when buying an item or a favour. That small fishing boat, taxi or someone you flag down on the street may be your only escape option. 1K may just be your ticket to safety.

3. Paper list of your key contacts. Family, neighbours, parents etc

4. N95 masks for everyone with you.

5. Spare eye wear or contacts and solutions

6. Spare phone charger and cables

7. Copy of passport numbers or other handy forms of identification.

8. Small package of anti-bacterial wipes

9. Working pen and small notepad

10. Business cards or personal cards with your various phone numbers, emails etc. use both sides if needed. Great to hand out to people or aid workers while in a hurry.

Safe Travels

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