Tips on phone use during emergencies

1. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation and need to remain unnoticed, you want your phone ringer and vibration mode set to off. This may help conceal your location and help reduce power consumption.

2. If you are hiding in a closet or it is dark outside, keep the light level on your device as low as possible and try and cover or shelter the screen so the light isn’t seen from a crack at the bottom of the door etc.

3. Use text message or emails and be as specific as possible on your situation. You may only get one chance, so make it count. Give your name, situation, location and cell number to 911 operator or others. If calling 911, be as unemotional as possible, give specifics, keep your voice low and set your speaker volume as low as possible. If you have ear buds, only use one ear bud, as you want to try and keep one ear listening for what is happening around you.

4. When sending out an emergency text or email message, alert as many key people as possible in your messages. Focus on those who can help you and save the friend updates for when you are safe. Answering unnecessary text messages or calls drains battery life, may alert others to your presence and keeps your attention away from what is occurring around you.

5. Monitor your battery life and advise others if your phone may lose power. Use low power settings when possible and turn off if not needed. You can always turn it on periodically so short messages can be sent and received.

6. To help keep your phone charged, always keep a fully charged battery power stick and charge cables in your backpack, purse etc. Go over these tips with children or other family members.

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