Temp Power Outage

Here are some free tips on what you can do when you are in your home and believe the power may go out in a few hours or even as the lights start to flicker.
• Pull out all your flashlights, candles, matches or lighters. If not yet dark, pop a flashlight in your pocket so you have with you. Light up a candle in a safe location and on a safe surface. Use a soup bowl or large plate if that is the only safe platform you have. Avoid candle sticks. They are nice for dinner but not safe for an emergency.

• Plug your smart phone and tablets into their chargers or the mini UPS units we recommend you have.

• Fill up your bathtub and some pots with water. This so you have drinking water and water for flushing of toilets etc. Not a big issue when in a city but people on well water will want to do this. Even a person on city water should consider doing this. If water plants fail, there will be no pressure or water may become contaminated.

• If you still have some flickering power, try boiling some water and pop in a thermos. You can use the hot or warm water to make a tea later on or wash up.

• Consider unplugging computers and expensive electronics if they are not protected by a quality surge protector or surge protected UPS system. Power surges often occur when power comes back on and if not protected, that could fry some very expensive items.

• Know what you want in the fridge or freezer before opening the doors.

• If there are any medications you are scheduled to take, make sure you do not change your schedule. During a crisis, even seasoned individuals will forget things they have done for most of their lives.

• Regular or battery powered phones and internet may not work, so text or email people letting them know you may lose power. Don’t leave them in the dark worrying about you!

• Do not use elevators unless absolutely needed. They will not work during a power outage and will simply go to or stay on the ground floor. If you do go down to retrieve something from the car, make sure you are able to get back up to your floor. Some buildings running on card access, may even lock you out of the front or stairwell lobby doors. Parking gates or garages doors could also be shut down so avoid those areas if out and about.

• Your home can quickly become cold or hot if the power is out for a few hours, so make sure you have blankets, sleeping bag and close the blinds to keep heat and sun in or out.

• AC powered smoke detectors will not work so be mindful of this. Consider buying battery powered units to act as a backup.

• Do not go out if not needed. You do not want to be in a car or on public transit when traffic lights go out.

• If you do have a generator when power looks like it may go out, it would be a good time to go make sure oil and gas levels are all good to go. It also wouldn’t hurt to start it and let it run for fifteen minutes. If the power stays steady, then shut it down. At least you know that it started and is ready for you when needed.

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