Spring and light clothing is around the corner or is it?

Spring is approaching and we all want to empty the back of our car of heavy spare coat, boots,hats, and gloves. Sadly, there is still some time to go and one can still find themselves stuck on a highway overnight in a 30 Cm snowstorm.

It never hurts to have the essentials like medicines (not expired), clean water, cash, and power to recharge a smart phone, flashlights etc. with you, so make sure those are all still in place and in good condition. It’s also a good time to bring those mini UPS systems you have in your car inside for a charge overnight. Last time you charged them is likely last fall. If you purchased a new smart device and it has different cabling then the spare cables you have in the car, change them out as well.

While freshening things up, replace the old water in your water bottles you carry for emergencies. Don’t forget to only fill approx. ¾ full, this will help prevent them from bursting if frozen. If you are stranded on the highway, bring those water bottles up front with you as soon as you believe you are in trouble and place over defroster etc to thaw out. Don’t forget family or pet requirements.

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