Personal emergency contact lists

When your smart phone dies, gets dropped in the water etc, you want to have some key phone and email info with you.

Emergency Contact List Download a similar copy of this document @

Place the document inside a zip lock bag and store in an easy to access area in your bag /S. Take a photo of it and store in smart phone, tablet etc. You may also wish to keep a copy in your wallet or purse so you are sure to have at all times.

The list should be reviewed at least once a year or in the case of children, each time they change friends, partners or move etc.! List is to be given to all immediate family and close friends so you have each other’s key contact info. During an emergency, you may not be able to reach your parents neighbor, but your child or a friend may have the time to keep calling them on your behalf.

It is also important to include a RECENT copy of a family photo. If you become separated from your spouse or children this will be extremely useful in helping to identify them with strangers, hospitals, police etc.

Date: _________________ Important for you and your family to know when list was last updated.
Your Home and Cell Number:
Your Office and Personal Emails:
Work Number Including Extension:
Back Door Number at Work:
Business Partners or Friends Office and Cell Phones:
Children’s Cell number, work and emails:
Friends Cell and Work Numbers
Your City’s Emergency Number:
Your Neighbor or Baby Sitter Numbers:
ALSO, do neighbors have keys AND alarm codes if you need them to access your residence during an emergency?
Do they know how to turn the generator on, are they familiar with your pets and their needs, etc.
Extended Family Numbers and Emails:

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