Our objective

Our objective:

This site discusses the challenges people face today from man-made or natural disasters and some of the options people have available to them before and during the emergency.

Our site is not for posting political viewpoints and should not be viewed as leaning right or left. To some it may appear right or left depending on the subject matter, however our opinions or observations on the response or lack of it from Government agencies and what realistic options are available to the average professional are not intended to inflame political opinions or right any real or perceived social injustices. If a dam has broken upstream, everyone can debate who is at fault once you are safe and sound. Your goal and ours is to discuss what you may need and how best to use it so you can be afforded the future opportunity of debating why your home is burnt to the ground, washed away or you’re your business was destroyed by terrorists or social unrest.

For those interested in a plan that addresses your personal or corporate requirements, we do offer a full suite of security consulting services and we would be pleased to discuss them with yo