OPSEC (Operational Security)

OPSEC, is a process of protecting and safeguarding something – typically plans, operationally sensitive information, offensive or defensive measures etc. In simple terms, keeping things secret and only those who NEED to know, are in the loop.
When you are ordering the items we recommend and adding food, medicines cash, water etc. to your home, car, cottage or office, you should always keep your plans to yourself or limit it to those you absolutely need to inform.

Example, if you have ‘three months of food at home, it’s good OPSEC to keep that information to yourself. If your children, parents or friends are close by, then you can call them to come over if they are at risk but for reasons of OPSEC, you never tell anyone how much food, cash… that you have. Why not? Because while you may love them, they will likely mention to a friend how prepared you are. They then spread to their friends and before you know it, 25 people know what you have at home and that is none of anyone’s business.

Not telling friends, family, neighbors or coworkers exactly what you have or what your plans are, does not mean that you cannot bring up the topic of being prepared at an appropriate time. You are a nice person and wish to help your fellow man. So if you wish to help, talk to them about “some family you read about” who didn’t have to evacuate during a big power outage or avoided the chaos of traffic during a recent protest and simply stayed in the office overnight.
There you have it, OPSEC 101. Take a look at all the free info we provide in various sections as well as the list of bag contents we recommend for an urban dweller. You do not need to buy from us, the list can be printed and used as you wish. Of course, we won’t be offended if you do purchase from our list either 

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