July 1 and July 4 National Holidays.

Soon Canada and the United Sates celebrate their National Holidays, so let us enjoy them in safety.

For large cities, one will likely see increased security and this may mean restricted vehicle access, inspections or restrictions on what is allowed in backpacks etc.

To have an enjoyable event, you will first want to check with the event organizer and learn what if any restrictions are in place, best bus routes, parking for cars etc. You will want to follow their instructions but also have access to as many of your backup supplies as possible. We also recommend you read over our blog postings on Bomb attacks, protests or summer travels for insights on what to or not do, during an event.

Medications, ID, your paper list of critical contacts and money are a must and from there you choose what you can carry.

Carry at least one ID and credit card. Split them along with your cash up into your two front pockets. Then, for your over the shoulder bag, you will want an N95 mask, a light foil emergency blanket that can be used to shield yourself from rain, or dust and a mini flashlight.

If there are no bag restrictions, then we highly recommend you have the everyday carry contents of your briefcase or purse in a small backpack. Add more water, a second N95 mask, small pocket knife or handgun (where permitted by law) snack bars, city map, GPS, and two more emergency space blankets.

If traveling by car, make sure you have your 24 or 72 hour “grab and go bag/s” in the car and keep them out of sight. If there is a serious incident, you may not be able to or want to get on the road and instead opt to stay at a friend’s house for a few hours or even in the car overnight. Having that bag will provide great comfort. Do not forget to consider alternative routes out of the area of danger ( do that planning before you go downtown), and remember before starting out, to fill your gas tank, charge your phone as well as any USB power sticks you have!

So go have fun and enjoy your nation’s special day, a few extra precautions never hurt.

Happy Canada and Independence Day!


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