Items that disappear fast during an emergency

An emergency like a hurricane, ice storm, floods etc. have a pre, immediate and post impact on all the essential items we need. Visit our site to learn more.

In addition to people stocking up, they will be filling up automobiles to get out of town and trying to buy fuel for generators once they are back. All lifesaving or good to have items will be gone from the shelves within hours to a day of an announcement on a major storm. Hesitate or not have these items stocked in your home, cottage or office will make working through a disaster much harder, if not impossible.

We are not advocating that you stay and ride out a major emergency but if you choose to do so or have no choice, you must be as prepared as you can be. In some instance, the emergency is immediate and you do not even get the chance to stock up. So visit our website and look at your particular situation and get prepared now.

All the items below disappear quickly, become costlier to buy and are almost always needed.
1. Bread, milk, baby food, diapers and all easy to prepare food stuffs fly off the shelves
2. Bottled water for use in the home or when on the road fleeing a disaster
3. Flashlights, batteries, candles, camping lights and fuel for light
4. Camping stoves and fuel to cook with
5. Cash from banks and instant teller machines
6. Gasoline and diesel fuel for cars, boats, generators
7. Plywood and wood, screws, plastic tarps, hammers to help protect or repair homes.
8. Electronics such as UPS units to keep phones and medical devices charged, car batteries and power inverters to run TV’s and radios
9. Medicines / prescriptions and other first aid items
10. Cleaning supplies such as bleach, rags, vinegar etc. Keeping the house clean during an emergency is critical to good health.
11. Generators, extension cords and all the various plugs or adapters needed to properly power up your home.

Should you leave your home in advance or during an emergency, you will need to carry the essentials with you. Do not try and stuff in a plastic bag or vacation suitcase. You must have them in a good quality backpack that you can throw in your car and put on your back if you need to leave your vehicle, boat or mode of public transport. You want to keep your “stuff” with you and not let it get damaged or lost.

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