Hurricane Harvey

What we can take away from the early stage of Hurricane Harvey.

  1. Governments will send mixed message before and during a crisis. Once you have been misled, you may be past the point of getting to safety on your own. It is essential that you gather as much Intel from previously proven good sources and combine with your gut instinct, circumstances and then act decisively .
  2. You may have less than an hour to seek safety, so you must be ready to move fast.  examine the various plans you have made and choose the best option for your circumstance.
  3. You must have a minimum of 24 hours of food, water and medicine and as we have stressed before. One should have a minimum of two weeks’ worth of medicine. Finding new clothes, food and water in a shelter or friends house will be easier then obtaining needed medicine.
  4. You must have a back pack that is ALREADY loaded and ready to go with you and has the 24-72 hours of minimum resources you need.
  5. It is not only yourself that you may be worried about. Family members, especially seniors will need your assistance. Make sure they have all the supplies they will need. Obtain the contact info for their friends and neighbors so you reach out to them if your loved ones do not answer the phone or emails.
  6. You need to develop relationships with your neighbors, social groups etc., so you can help each other. Who has a large four wheel drive truck, a boat, generator, trailer, camper, snow machine etc? Maybe you have something they do not, but by teaming up with them, you will have what it takes. Don’t be shy to reach out to them and maybe use this disaster as a Segway into the conversation on what you can do to prepare.

Hurricanes, floods, snowstorms, tornado’s, freezing rain, earth quakes etc. happen all the time and one needs to be prepared for them. Terrorism is another concern and with it, one can have equal to or even worse consequences then a once in a hundred year flood.

So if you have been too busy before, take the time now to review our site and go over the list of items we recommend you take into consideration and obtain. Your disaster can be in fifteen minutes.

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