Flooding and problems with Dams in California

Posting on California flood situation March 6, 2017

A brief look at the recent California Dam or flood concerns, once more demonstrates how poorly maintained our nation’s infrastructure is and how due to poor planning, citizens may only have an hour to evacuate their homes.

Within an hour of the warning to evacuate the flood zones, people not surprisingly became ensnarled in traffic, with some cars running out of fuel.

Many of us live near river flood plains, areas prone to large forest fires, downstream from dams that date back to early 1900’s etc. As we are seldom if ever informed about the risk posed by poor infrastructure maintenance, we will when an emergency occurs, need to be ready to move fast to our pre-planned safe locations.

Disasters also have a funny way of causing cascading events. A rush of 250K people of every walk of life into already busy towns and cities will have an impact on pharmacy’s, banking, power grid, lodging and food resources. This is why you will want to have as many basics with you when you do leave your home. You may never need to eat those emergency rations but if you are in your car for hours on end or do not wish to leave the hotel room due to the crowds in the streets, you may just grow to appreciate them.

The importance of having vehicles tanks no lower than half full, having grab and go bags, plans for pets etc. is paramount and likely made a difference for those who took the appropriate steps in advance of the recent evacuations. Getting to a safe area, is after the immediate departure from your home, your next priority. Know your alternative routes and the risks or opportunities they represent or provide. You need to know where you can obtain fuel 24/7, Hotels, areas of the city you absolutely want to avoid driving through during an emergency detour.

When you reach safety, consider moving even further away from the concern. While you may be one of the early ones, others will soon start converging on an area. Even if this was your preplanned safe location, always be ready willing and able to re-evaluate your plan. Remember, the first thing to do once leaving your home is to reach immediate safety. There is nothing wrong in deciding to seek even further safety or comfort once you are out of immediate danger. Call ahead and make the hotel reservation or speak to a friend, top up the fuel and push on. Remember, there may be 250K other people all heading your way and we all know what that may mean to safety and supplies.