Exposure to hacks and disruption they can cause

Almost everyone has been hit with a virus, or unable to access a Gov or company email server due to a system hack. The recent and ongoing WannaCry ransomware hack may be starting to look to some like a Gov sponsored event and not simply an organized crime event solely for profit. So what can this mean for you? If it is a Gov sponsored hack, it may be a test or they are sending a message. Either way, we should be thankful we have a heads up and think about what a truly serious hack can mean to all of us.

An individual or state sponsored hack can bring down a segment of our hydro system, hospitals, banks, airlines, railway switching systems, maybe social security chq’s or disrupt our top financial systems If a city, state or provincial Hydro network was taken down or a few large banks were crippled, for 3,4,7 ..Days, the resulting chaos and civil unrest would be very severe.

British intelligence apparently has a saying, “4 meals to chaos”. Why four meals? Once you have gone without food for four meals, you become hungry, it may affect your health / diabetes, migraines etc. Your patience is now at breaking point and what is even worse, so are others. After missing the 4th meal, you ask, what about the 5th, 6th etc.? At that point, you and everyone else will have lost confidence in the Government and things will get very, very ugly indeed.
Remember, if hydro or financial systems were hit, stores would close, no gas for your car so you cannot get to the cottage or another city, no public transport, no ATM, no pharmacy, Hospitals would be in total chaos, credit cards will be of no use, people would not go to work and as the majority of people live pay chq to pay chq, how would they cope?. Would you and yours be vulnerable to theft?

Very few of us have missed four meals and even if you feel you are handling the situation, what about others? Children, spouse, parents, grandparents etc. They start crying and looking to you for help would be very hard on you. I am not trying to incite fear, just plain hard facts. Oh and how do you think you would get water if power is down and filtration plants or all the components they rely upon are not working? Lots of links in the chain and once one breaks, its light, food, water… out!

Governments will not be handing out meals to a city populace so forget them. No, you will have what you have in your home and that is it. Unless you walk out of a city, you are stuck. Are you prepared to walk for 20, 30 or fifty miles? Can you and family members stay in your homes safely?
Check out our home, apartment and other sections and go over the points we raise and the simple things you can do to address the gaps in your 72 hour to 14 day plan.

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