Every day carry (EDC) = a small bag or contents of a bag that carries minimum meds, cash and other items. Meant for roughly 6-12 hours and without the essential food, water, comfort or communication items available in the 24 or 73 hour kits.  Ideal for executives at offsite meetings university students or when out in public.

Many make the mistake of trying to carry everything they can and after carrying all that weight simply go back to where they started.   Start light and get comfortable, then add accordingly. 

Medications and money is a must, then a N95 mask, a light emergency blanket to help with rain, dust or snow.  Then consider adding water, USB power stick to recharge phone, appropriate cell cables and a flashlight. You can live without water for a day, so focus on what it is you need to get to safety or remain in place until help can be expected to arrive.

If this bag is all you have and you think you may need to walk home ok, but look at your options for staying where you are or get to a friend’s house or place of business.  

Go here to learn more about the various situations you may encounter and some of your options.