Understanding that staff perform best when they are secure and they know their family is secure is critical. Use the below list of items per six employees and also take this opportunity to work with them on developing a home response plan (our 72 hour recommendations etc.). It WILL pay off for them and the company.

  • 3-day office kit for 6 people. Not for mobile use but only for in building use. All contents should be stored in our recommended roll on bag and secured in a safe location.
  • Personal medications: People need to take care of their own medical requirements. Insist that employees have spare medication with them in the office.
  • Personal sanitary requirements: Same as personal medications, insist your staff have the personal supplies they need and keep at their work area.
  • Water: Enough for 6 people for three days. Minimum of 72 liters or 18 Gallons.
  • Seek advice from your HR department or company MD on what headache or pain relief options and quantities you may consider if you decide to stock for your employees.

We have listed the items and quantities that we recommend you pull from your existing supplies or Purchase yourself from local outdoor stores, pharmacy etc. At the midway point we have then made a link to amazon for the items that we recommend but that you may not have or are able to easily find. Print the list and use as a checklist when time comes to assemble your bag contents.

Image Product Rec.Recommended Qty Qty to Purchase on Amazon
Wet Napkins 72
Toilet Paper 12
Latex or allergy free gloves 100
6 packages of twenty (20) AAA batteries
55 Gal. Contractor Garbage Bag from your pharmacy or hardware store: used to store garbage and other sanitary requirements 12
N95 masks 36
Below items are sourced on Amazon for your convenience. Recommend the quantities listed or order more for supplementary packs or general use around the home etc.
Space blanket by SOL (3 per person) 18
Hand Sanitizer 6
Small sea to summit towel staying fresh is good for the morale 6
Food: Datrex Emergency Survival rations 3600 Calories 18
Snugpack: Nice small blanket to help keep warm and for privacy 6
LED Energizer Headlamp 6
Light Glow stick (1 per person per day) 18
Goal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit. Helps keep our wireless world devices charged. Put near window for best results. 2
USB battery backup “sticks” 6
Emergency Radio with Hand Crank with USB port to charge smart phone etc. 2
Gorilla Tape To-go (25’) good to repair tears in clothing, seal doorways to prevent smoke getting in. 6
Below items must be added to your cart individually on Amazon. Click on the USA or Canada flag to choose your country and view the item on Amazon.