Communications during a disaster

Communications during an emergency:


We pick up the phone and dial or hit send on an email or text message.  What will happen if your phone is damaged due to rain, it breaks at the wrong time, cell service goes down, lines are overwhelmed or cut, local DSL connection is down etc.?

On our site, we provide free information on some of the things you will wish to consider before an emergency situation strikes. For now, here’s a short list of things to consider.

  1. Keep your cell phone dry. Consider buying a water resistant case so you have it for a rainy emergency or when you go hiking, beach etc. and drop it in the water!


  1. If budget permits, consider buying a second phone and swapping out the SIM card if one phone is damaged.


  1. Make sure you have a manual means of charging all your smart devices (crank or solar chargers) and have all those precious cables or adapters.


  1. Buy a good quality / $200.00 Plus UPS (uninterrupted power supply) for your internet routers at home. You may have DSL service, but if power is down, your routers and Wi-Fi repeaters will not work!


  1. Carry with you at all times, a paper contact list so you can reach key people. Personally, I cannot remember all the family phone numbers, so if my smart phone goes down, I am up a creek. My contact list may just help save the day


  1. Make sure you obtain the phone numbers of the people who live around loved ones. If they do not answer their phone, you can try calling a neighbour to go check on them.


  1. If other family members have a phone and power is down, consider turning on only one phone at a time to save batteries and keep conversations down to save power by sending text messages to large groups of people.


  1. To avoid being blind if your email service goes down, consider a backup / alias email address from another provider and make sure your friends know to use it during an emergency. for more free information on what you can do in advance or during an emergency.

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