Christmas stocking stuffers or gifts for yourself and loved ones:

Inexpensive items that can make a difference and also help a person start thinking about being prepared in the home, car and office. Don’t forget the students in your family, travelers or those new to being better prepared for life’s little or sometimes large emergencies. So people have what they need when they need them, the below items should only be used in the emergency kit and not for everyday use

1. Small battery pack to charge smart phone once or even twice and charging cables.
2. Good cut resistant touch screen friendly gloves
3. Good tactical flashlight for purse, laptop bag, office desk, glove compartment etc. (with good Duracell batteries)
4. N-95 mask
5. Small bottle of hand sanitizer.
6. Eyeglass cleaner wipes in pre-moistened packs.
7. Quality granola or fruit bars for quick energy and calories
8. Safety type tactical glasses
9. Handkerchief or dull colored scarf. Good to help protect face, wrap around a cut…
10. Coughlan’s survival candles
11. Pack of two glow sticks
12. Bic lighters
13. Spare shoelaces
14. Pack of batteries for flashlights
15. Emergency radio with solar and hand crank capability and USB outlets to charge radio and devices
16. Small pack of wet napkins
17. Gum or breath mints for morale
18. Paper city map
19. Band-Aids and some antibiotic cream
20. Nail clipper and tweezers to help remove splinters etc.
21. Anti-acid pills
22. Small notepad and Pencil
23. Small pack of “zip ties”. For quick repairs…
24. Hiking socks
25. “Tilly” type hat. Good hat to help keep rain, snow or sun off of face and eye wear
26. “Emergency space blanket” for heat, wind, rain or even office privacy
27. Small role of duct tape
28. Moleskin or other foot/heel protection blister pads
29. Multipurpose tool from Leatherman.
30. Quality fixed bade knife from SOG
31. SOG 24 or 72 hour backpacks for home, car, office, cottage, boat, plane…
32. Quality windbreaker
33. Raincoat and pants
34. Outdoor shirt or pants
35. Hiking footwear
36. Sleeping bag
37. Extra ammunition or magazines
38. Tactical gun case (hard or soft)

Car kits are also a great little gift and in addition to the above, you can add road flares, 25-50 foot tow rope with hooks, battery booster kit, work gloves, quality booster cables (15-20 feet long) flashlight, bag of kitty litter or wheel traction boards, car blanket, spare container of oil and a nylon bag to put all of this in!

Remember, clothing, backpacks etc. should be dull colored. Gray, dark blues or greens. No bright colors for urban or suburban use.

Water, some food, Medicines and cash are all must have items.
Check out our website for the various items or models and consider adding to a person’s supply for birthdays and next Christmas.

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