Bomb or shooter event

Terrorist bomb or shooter attacks

What can we learn from recent terrorist bomb attack at the Ariana Grande concert in England?

The below should not be considered as a complete list of threats or risks and every situation is different. From videos we have viewed in the media, previous events and some of the known tactics, we know that terrorists like to inflict as much damage on people as possible with the limited resources they typically have available to them. Bus stops, schools, concert halls, restaurants, night clubs are all prime locations.
In the recent concert bombing, we see people jumping from balconies and running in every direction. The question one needs to ask is, why run in a direction that you are not sure about! These people had no idea if they were going to be a target of a second or third bomb. One can understand teens or even adults wishing to get away from the sound and follow others but is that really the best option for you?

Perhaps lying down FLAT amongst chairs and waiting for police etc. to show up would have been a less dangerous option. By avoiding hundreds or thousands of people running in aisles etc, you are also reducing the chance of being hurt by people stampeding past and over you and a second or even third bomb being detonated at some other choke point. Terrorists like people becoming bunched up in crowds as it makes them an easier target or easier to control in a hostage situation. A terrorist has limited time to act so if you believe you are not in immediate danger, lay flat, look for some objects to hide amongst and keep your voice down when talking to others. Use text messaging instead of a voice call. Turn your ringer off, let people know exactly where you are, your physical condition and anything you see occurring around you. DO NOT try and be a TV reporter by using your cell to capture images. Keep your head down and presence unknown. Only use your camera or audio if 100% safe.

If you’re injured, slow down loss of blood with a shirt or pants by applying pressure to the wound and remember that a face cut typically looks and feels worse than it usually is, so keep that in mind and use the water we recommend you always have to wash your face.
A shooter is somewhat different than a bomber. If as an example, there was a single shooter and they were shooting at the front of a restaurant, consider lying flat and crawling towards an exit. Do not stand or hunch over to run, as you are simply an easier (bigger) target. Look for tables, benches or wall structures you can use to block bullets. Hostage situations are different and far too difficult to go into detail in this posting.

In the end, we can only recommend that you consider where you sit, know where the exists are, remain as calm and quite as you can and review your options, keep your voice down, keep as low a profile as possible, manage the use of cell so battery lasts longer and consider carrying some of the emergency items we recommend and do not forget your paper contact list because when your phone dies, you may need to borrow someone else’s.

Always consider your options before something happens, adjust accordingly, stay calm and focus.

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