Tip on battery maintenance:

Keeping batteries in a flashlight for long periods can cause corrosion. It is therefor important to keep batteries out of your flashlights until needed. Once you have installed the batteries in your light. Turn the flashlight on and gradually unscrew cap until the light turns off, then continue to unscrew for another half to full turn. This will help reduce the chance of the flashlight being accidentally turned on while in the bag or in your pocket. When ready to use, just re-tighten the cap and operate as needed.

Let your eyes become accustomed to the dark and only use light when task orientated.

Always use the lowest power setting possible to help retain your eyes night vision and to help stretch out battery time.

Walking with a light can attract unwanted attention so be mindful of this and do not wave the light around. Keep it on the area you need to see.

Recharge or change out batteries as needed

Larger sources of power

Purchase at least one, 1000 watt power inverter and you can use an old car, boat or lawn mower battery to power up a TV, radio, smart phone etc. Even if the battery is no longer good for the car, it is still worth keeping around for a few more years as a backup power supply.

Use a “trickle charger” to ALWAYS keep the old battery charged. Simply connect the power inverter to the battery and plug in your device / radio, TV, laptop, modems etc. just like you would in the home.

The other item you should look at for charging up of old batteries is a solar panel. If you are not comfortable with choosing the panel and accessories consider approaching your local solar power company and look into what works in your area and for your exact size requirements.

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