Are you liberal, conservative, gay, straight, black, white, brown, live in the city, country, suburbs etc

We are bombarded hourly in the news and social media with a wild range of issues facing us and while important, we need to step back and not forget we are all in the same life raft when a disaster occurs. When a hurricane, earthquake, power outage, ice storm, terrorism attack, or active shooter event occurs, ones age, sex, race or personal lifestyles count for very little. The fact is, we ALL need water, shelter, food, medicines and as much safety as we can obtain.

We encourage you to explore our Apartment, home, office, cottage and car sections and the free tips we provide for each. It does not cover everything but there is enough in there to help you get started. To help save time and reduce the aggravation of deciding which items will do the job, or forgetting them, we have also provided an easy to use list of items available from Amazon. As this web based initiative is new for us, we ask that you contact us and tell us what we can do to improve the site. NO emails will be used for future marketing, sold or given away to others. we will simply send you back a thank you email.

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