A women’s perspective:

Family and personal obligations, travel arrangements, water, food, clothing, and medical conditions are the primary issues that one faces during a typical urban disaster. Please review the below topics and explore how they may need to be factored into your personal plan and contact us with any questions you may have.

Light weight or thin clothing worn on a normal day will tear faster and provide less protection from the elements compared to quality outdoor clothing. If you are at the office, make sure you have a full change of outdoor clothing available. If you are offsite at a meeting, you will simply have to make do with what you have, but by having the cash we recommend you carry at all times, it may get you past a doorman or help motivate a cabbie to step on it.

When at home making your final preparations, you want to be wearing solid footwear. It will provide you support, protection, and comfort. Sneakers or flip flops are not what you want to be wearing during an emergency. When at an offsite meeting, a very light pair of flats and thin socks in a computer bag is superior to walking long distances in heels. Quality hiking boots or hiking shoes as well as quality socks should always be kept in the office and car.

Personal Hygiene:
Being comfortable and maintaining a sense of normalcy, enhances the ability to process information and focus on tasks. In addition to personal items, we have noticed privacy during an emergency to be an issue. If a group of people take shelter inside an office, we lose any sense of privacy so having personal items with you, and the lightweight aluminum emergency blankets we recommend your company stock, as part of their preparedness efforts or that individuals should carry, can help provide that much desired privacy or physical comfort.

You want to have a bland colored back pack that doesn’t draw attention to you; so no reds or other bright colors. Your bag must be tough, light, comfortable, and if needed, can be worn for hours. A sternum belt (the belt that helps pull in the two shoulder straps across the chest area) helps people adjust the bag to their unique chest dimensions. Many backpacks do not have this much needed strap nor do they allow for easy up and down adjustments over the chest. These straps greatly help reduce the strain on the shoulders by distributing some of the load to your chest area. They also keep the pack nice and tight on your shoulders and back, which in turn helps prevent aggravating and physically tiring side to side wobble. Even running or a modest jog with a pack is improved with these features.

Because the SOG 24 & 72 liter packs also tend to be long and less square then other packs, it helps spread the load out along the back. Large, easy to grip zipper tabs, and carry handle all help in accessing key items which are both finger and nail friendly

Family responsibilities: As women are most likely to be the primary care giver for children or for older parents, these dependents are key when factoring plans. Alternative pickup arrangements, contact phone numbers for neighbours, supplies and medicines must all be addressed. If you are forced to stay at the office, or their location is at risk and you cannot get to them, then your plan should be versatile and address both situations .Everything you do now to prepare for those sudden emergencies will help you and any dependents during a crisis. When possible, it is always advisable that you keep them informed on your plans or even have them help load the car or backpacks. If they are very young, buy them a small 18 liter pack so they can bring a few toys, water or flashlight with them, which will be both a comfort to them and helpful to you.

In closing, a disaster that is imminent or already descended is a stressful time; so be safe and reduce the risk of accidents or angst by planning things out now. We all have certain strengths, weaknesses and personal situations that need to be addressed so it is critical that we be honest with ourselves when making our plans. Explore the various sections we have outlined on our site and see how the real world solutions we offer for free can be applied to your particular situation or that of your companies plan.

Plan, Prepare, React And Then Adapt As Needed.

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