72 Hour kits are what you MUST have in your home and cottage. They must provide minimum food and water supplies for three full days. Water is key to survival but it is also heavy and bulky. To carry 6 plus liters of water on your back requires space and strength, so if you can carry it great!  If not, then you should have a minimum 3 liters of water in your bag and always be looking to top it up if you do set out on foot. By all means have another 3 plus liters of water in or near the bag but understand that the weight needs to be considered if you do decide to leave with the pack on your back. Try the pack on with all six liters in it and go for a thirty-minute walk around and see how it feels. If too much, you may need to reduce water in the pack and hope you can top it up along the way or by using your water filter.

If you are unfamiliar with any of these items and why we are recommending them, please contact us and we will be more than pleased to answer as many of your questions as possible. While we use high quality gear, we also try to avoid the military or tactical look and it is one of the reasons we recommend you make your own individual clothing choices. When traveling, you will often see people carrying backpacks of gray or black, so we try and blend in as well. When you choose your emergency clothing, it is best the colors be as plain as possible. The bright colored windbreaker for the sailboat may be a good quality item but it is better you pick a dull grey or tan one for a walk in the city during an emergency. Ask any field operative and they will tell you that you want to blend in. Drawing attention to yourself is to be avoided at all times.

We have listed the items and quantities that we recommend you pull from your existing supplies or Purchase yourself from local outdoor stores, pharmacy etc. At the midway point we have then made a link to amazon for the items that we recommend but that you may not have or are able to easily find. Print the list and use as a checklist when time comes to assemble your bag contents.

Water: one half a gallon or 3 liters of drinking water is generally recommended minimum quantity per person, per day. Bathing and cooking is in addition! So, plan accordingly for home, office, cottage or grab and go bags.

Image Product Rec.Recommended Qty Qty to Purchase on Amazon
Minimum 500.00 in cash.
Hiking shoes (Merrels) 1
Pair of spare hiking shoelaces 1
Personal medications for 5-10 days
Personal sanitary requirements
Preferred pain medications for headaches or sore muscles, 8 GOOD band aids, small tube of antibiotic cream, anti diarrhea tablets, anti acid pills. Travel sized portions.
Wet Napkins or “fresh wipes”  4
N95 masks. Very important it is properly fitted around nose, mouth etc. Beards reduce effectiveness 2
Small travel sized Hand Sanitizers, preferably with clips 2
Moleskin to help with foot blisters. Depending on the size 2-4 2
“Bic” lighter 1
Nail clipper and tweezers to help remove splinters etc. 1
Pack of Gum or breathe mints. 1
Spare pair of eyewear or contacts. 1
Pre-moistened eyeglass cleaner packets or small bottle of contact lens fluid and contact case. 6
Zip ties: (from hardware store). 12 or 18 inch lengths 5
Firearm & Ammo. Be mindful of all laws
Bear spray for dogs ( be mindful of laws) 1
Phone, tablet charger and cables with cigarette outlet adapter
Local Area Map.
Small Note Pad, pencil and black “sharpie”.
A few of your favorite hiking or snack bars.  4
Mini travel size tooth brush and toothpaste (optional) 1
Hat with/ Flex Brim “Tilley type”. Brown, tan or grey
Top Quality hiking socks. Recommend Fox River brand. Make sure you choose the right size. high socks help with leg pain etc 2
Loose fitting hiking pants with LOTS of good pockets. Recommend http://www.truspec.com/24-7-series/pants 1
Quality nylon or leather belt 1
Recommend cut resistant and "touch screen friendly" Gloves http://hwigear.com/shop/cts-100-cut-resistant-touchscren/
Sports type breathable underwear 3
Long Sleeve Shirt for the season. With pockets 1
Jacket for your region and season 1
Batteries: Four ( 4) AAA, AA batteries and one Nine volt battery so you can use for other items you may come across.  (recommend Duracell brand) Store in original packaging
Below items are sourced on Amazon for your convenience. Recommend the quantities listed or order more for supplementary packs or general use around the home etc.
72 Hour sized backpack from SOG. Clean style, tough, blends in nicely, excellent chest, waist and shoulder straps for men and women 1
Pouches to place meds, sanitary items, tweezers, gum etc. 3
Inexpensive Rain Poncho 3
Great LED Tactical Lights by TruNite, model TN12, with batteries for each. 2
Emergency Whistle.  1
Candles: twelve -36 hour burning duration. For light and some heat 2
Emergency Radio with Hand Crank and USB port to charge smart phone etc.  1
If you do not wear glasses, you should have a good pair of Protective eyewear. 1
Stainless steel water bottle by Klean canteen. For other water needs, buy the best throw away screw top bottles you can obtain 1
Space blanket by SOL, for warmth, help keep off snow, rain, act as a temp privacy screen in the office 2
Water proof matches 1
Quality metal waterproof match container with built in striker 1
Food: Datrex Emergency Survival rations 3600 Calories 3 packs per order= 3 days for one person 3
Hiking Compass by Silva. Nice sighting mirror if ever needed and it helps protect the dial 1
"Optional" but highly recommended Garmin E-trex GPS unit 1
Gorilla Tape To-go (25’) 1
Professional grade knife by SOG "seal Pup" with hard sheath. For cutting of drywall, opening of items etc.  1
Leatherman stainless steel "wave multi-tool". You always want pliers, files, screwdrivers etc 1
Sawyer water filter to purify water 1
Travel toilet paper 2
Snugpack, Small blanket to keep you warm. Colder climes need appropriate sleeping bag 1
Optional items for the Home, Cottage, Apartment or Office
Mountain House is a well respected name in outdoor dehydrated food. Fifteen (15) day supply of Dehydrated food for easy storage in cupboards, under beds etc. 5
Nice "out and about" bag for sporting events, university students or young children. Simple over the shoulder bag By SOG.
Rechargeable battery system from Trunite for CR123A batteries.
Coleman cook stoves for home. Runs on easy to find mini propane camping cylinders
pro hard shell gun case for long gun 1
Pro gear Soft rifle case by Blackhawk 44 inch rifle length
Goal Zero solar recharging system
Small goal zero power stick for purse or laptop bag
Extra large Goal Zero UPS system for running of TV, Fridge, medical etc. expensive but when you need it, you need it
1000 Watt power inverter by Cat. Helps run some appliance off car battery etc
Long burn time 150 hours "each candle" for use in home, cottage or office. Pack of three 1
LARGE professional grade SOFT case with wheels for storage of additional gear etc. Ideal for office, home or cottage use
LARGE professional grade HARD case with wheels for storage of food and other items needing secure storage. Ideal for office, home or cottage use
Red 12 hour light sticks
Coughlan's Citronella tea candles for light, heat and mosquitos
Packs for dogs. Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack Please pick the right size
Below items must be added to your cart individually on Amazon. Click on the USA or Canada flag to choose your country and view the item on Amazon.
Goal Zero USB portable mini charger for smart phone, tablet etc. 1